Cultural Differences – Observation #3

This is a little one but it keeps popping up every time I’m in a grocery store or pharmacy so I had to capture it.

Let’s say you are shopping for some body lotion in California or anywhere really in Australia. Generally you see a selection of different types of lotions including many that are tinted lotions so you actually can add a bit of that bronze glow to your skin while moisturizing. Many people still would like to have some color to their skin without the sun-damage so they resort to tanning lotions, spray tans, etc. Seems like the standard right and pretty much the norm?

Well in this part of the world there is an opposite phenomenon. Women here want white, creamy skin, NOT sun-tanned, brown or anything of the sort. You won’t see the bronzing lotions in the supermarket aisle but rather whitening lotions. Advertisements on TV for lotions are all about the whitening strength and it doesn’t stop with lotions. They even have whitening deodorants so you can lighten your underarm area. Call me crazy but how many people are looking at the color of the skin of your underarm??

Whitening lotion anyone??

You can forget about finding any SPF below 20 too, I haven’t seen it here in Singapore. Standard in stock is SPF 50+. Now I admit this is probably a good thing as I’m not getting any younger and do need to care for my skin even more in the sun so those products probably suit me. BUT you will never catch me buying the whitening lotion, not in a million years!

2 Comments on “Cultural Differences – Observation #3

    • I know what you mean. I was shocked by it initially here in Singapore too and found it quite funny. Yes, the deoderant is very different. I can’t help but giggle if I see one of the commercials on TV here.

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