Nostimo, a gem in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

Our Sydney visit is off to a great start! It feels good to be back in my second home. It’s also nice to be here in a cooler; less humid climate and see the autumn colors around the city.

Our first outing in Sydney yesterday was to a late and leisurely brunch at a local favorite of mine around my old neighborhood in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The restaurant is called Nostimo and is located on Queen Street in Woollahra. Not only is the food amazing but it also has that welcoming, neighborhood feel to it. The owner is very friendly and walks around talking to all his customers. It isn’t the obligatory 20-second conversation but he takes the time to have a genuine chat. This is refreshing to experience still in a city like Sydney. During my 4 years living here I lived in the same neighborhood so I frequented Nostimo on a regular basis. I can honestly say every meal I’ve had there has been top-notch. The all-day breakfast is a winner. I have had some lazy weekend days where I am arriving for brunch at 2pm and I love they serve it all day. They also serve delicious lunch and early evening meals. The owner is Greek and takes great pride in the food served at Nostimo which is a variety of Modern Australian and Greek. Nostimo has that relaxed, weekend cafe feel to it. My favorite spot is usually at one of the outside tables along the sidewalk, which makes for prime people watching, something else I love.


The minute I walked in yesterday the owner recognized me. That comforting feeling of being home washed over me once again. We enjoyed a nice chat. He sat us at their best table inside usually reserved for larger groups with those cushy bench chairs, lots of pillows and a big picture window. This turned out to be another prime spot for the ever-entertaining people watching. This was another way of him going out of his way for his “regulars.” Even though I haven’t been there since before I moved to Singapore in August, he still treated me like one of his regulars. This is what I love about neighborhood local spots. I’ll take that over one of those pretentious, trendy restaurants any day.

Nostimo boasts the best eggs benedict I have had in the Sydney area. Some may choose to refute that one but this is simply my opinion and I stand by it. Eggs benedict is my all-time favorite indulgent breakfast choice and something I reserve for weekend brunches once in awhile. I think the secret of the “Nostimo Benedict” is the hollandaise sauce. I’ve asked what the “secret” is but he has never really divulged it to me. It truly is an absolutely delicious hollandaise sauce. Yesterday wasn’t any different. Ozdane and I both ordered the eggs benedict and we weren’t disappointed. Of course I ordered extra sauce being the sauce fanatic I am! I enjoyed every bite and didn’t want it to end. A homemade soy, chai latte and an orange, apple and ginger juice combo topped off the meal perfectly. You could have rolled me out of there after that meal!

If you ever find yourself in the Eastern Suburbs area in Sydney, find your way to Woollahra and look for Nostimo on Queen Street. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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