Who is ChamorroChica?

Why have I called my blog ChamorroChica? Chamorro people are the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands which includes Guam. My Dad’s side of the family are descendants of Guam. I guess you could say I am about 1/4 Chamorro since my Grandmother is almost 100%. I also have Irish on both sides. I bet not many can say they know a lot of Irish-Chamorro people! Now you can say you do know one…or at least know of one!

OK, so why “chica?” For the Spanish speakers out there you know that “chica” means girl in Spanish. I am in fact a female, so that makes sense. I also love Spain and everything about it including the people, food, lifestyle, culture and more. My love affair with Spain started when I studied abroad there during my college years. I will save that for another post though.

I am a 30-something American girl from California who has chosen to live an expat life for almost the past 6 years. I love it and I know this was the path I was meant to take. I guess you could say this is quite different from the majority of female friends I have back home who have gotten married, had kids and settled down in one way or another. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not saying one is better than the other or anything of the sort. I am a firm believer in “to each their own.” Everyone must find their own path in life. I started my expat adventure in Sydney, Australia where I relocated for a job in 2006. I had been living in San Francisco for 6 years prior to that and am a Northern California girl at heart. I absolutely loved my time in Oz and know I will return there to live for awhile, if not permanently, at some point in my life. Life happens as it does, I fell in love and now live in Singapore with my Aussie man who will be referred to as Ozdane in my blog. I am truly enjoying my experience living in Singapore. It is a very easy and comfortable place to live. The opportunity to travel around Asia while here is amazing and something we won’t be taking for granted during our time here. I travel a fair bit and feel lucky Ozdane and I can do this together.

My first time to Singapore in 2009

With Ozdane in our special place Bali!

What will my blog be about you ask? A bit about my my travels, my life here in Singapore, my expat life for the past 5 years and really whatever I feel like throwing out into the blog universe. I have a close girlfriend who started blogging a year ago. She inspired me. She is a rock star Mom of 4 including twin boys under 1 year old, wife, friend…the list goes on. She amazes me on a daily basis. Somehow she has found time in her very busy life to dedicate to her blog. If she can do it, then I know I can also. She and another close friend kept telling me to just start writing, just do it! I am one of those over-thinkers who will think something to death instead of just acting. You can say I did that in this instance too so I needed the strong words of encouragement. Well, it worked.

So here I go! I took the plunge and it feels great. I think I am going to truly love this.

5 Comments on “Who is ChamorroChica?

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I had always wished that you started a blog when you moved to Down Under. Reading about your experiences, your travels, your discoveries. I love traveling and sometimes wished I had taken a path similar to yours. Thanks to dating a Brit I am getting a second chance to traveling again! I love sharing what I find and where I go. That might be a great direction for you blog! Just food for thought! xo

  2. Thanks Nic! Your support means so much to me. I am lucky to have a friend who is such a fabulous blogger that I can go to with my million questions. :) I wish I would have started this back then too. I guess better late than never. I agree the travel experiences may be the way to go. Definitely considering it. xo

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    We believe your blog is an effective platform for expats who have just arrived in Singapore.We understand the initial difficulties expats faced in moving overseas to a new country and having to adapt to a foreign place, adjusting to a different climate and foreign cuisine.

    And this is where we come in. Our new start-up, http://www.foodpanda.sg, is a food delivery service that aims to help expats and their families.

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    Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Hi Eileen. Thank you for your comment. I’ll send you an email separately to see how I can assist with your new food delivery service business here in Singapore.

  4. Hafa Adai! I was doing some research on hot stone beds and your blog was on the search list. So, I opened it because the ChamorroChica got my attention. I wanted to see if you were really a Chamorro. And, it was nice to see that you are. In addition, you mentioned you had Irish blood. Well, I consider myself full Chamorro from Saipan, but I know my grandmother had Irish blood too. Just thought to share that with you. Good luck with your blog.

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