The joy of receiving flowers

One of the beautiful things about being a woman is that we get to experience the joy of receiving flowers throughout our lives. Of course there are some men that are lucky enough to experience this too but I’d venture to say women are still the majority of receivers of this lovely gift. Or maybe I’m wrong if the photo below tells us anything…

Hmmm roses

Whether they are from a significant other, a friend, family, co-worker, it always brightens your day and makes you smile. You receive them on anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. But then there are those you get out of the blue or just because. I think those are the best!

I remember my Dad sent me flowers at work on Valentines Day when I was younger at times when I didn’t have a boyfriend. It was very sweet of him, unexpected and I loved it. I have never forgotten how that made me feel. It helped with that dreaded feeling of, “I’m single and alone” you’d sometimes feel at that age if you fell in the single bucket when that time of year came around.

I started to think about what exactly it is that brings that joy, that feeling of happiness, that excitement. Is it the pure thoughtfulness that touches you the most? The actual physical beauty of the gorgeous specimens before your eyes? Is it that element of pleasant surprise? That feeling of love that warms you from head to toe when they are from that special someone? Or is it all of the above?

Roses from a girlfriend as a "Congrats on your move to Singers"

When Ozdane and I were having a long distance relationship from Singapore to Sydney for a year, he sent me beautiful roses quite often. Usually they were accompanied by a big box of chocolate which made my co-workers happy as the flowers were usually delivered to work! Sometimes they came with a cute teddy bear too. It didn’t matter how many times he did it, I was always surprised. I always felt that excitement and happiness. I was always touched by how thoughtful and caring he was to think of me and I always will feel that way.

My birthday roses from Ozdane this year in Bali

Yes, flowers brighten a room, smell lovely and make you smile every time you look at them. I think above all those things though, it is the love and caring that you feel from the person who gave them to you. You are truly touched by their thoughtfulness.

I am feeling that way right now actually. Ozdane did it again and surprised me this week with 36 gorgeous red roses! I wasn’t expecting it. I actually almost didn’t even answer the apartment buzzer that evening as I thought someone was just ringing the wrong apartment. Good thing I did. Was there a special occasion? No, there wasn’t. They were a “just because” and that is what makes them even more special. I’m a lucky girl!

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