Instagram Travel: Singapore


I don’t know about you but sometimes I get so caught up with the idea of traveling to other places that I forget about the very interesting place I call home today, Singapore. After living here for a few years now I still see things I find interesting and continually learn about the culture. As you may already know Singapore, the “Lion City,” is known for its great cuisine, abundance of shopping, tropical weather all year round and one of the most beautiful city skylines set along the picturesque Marina Bay.

When I’m not sharing travel photos on Instagram I like to share some shots from this fascinating city. I attempt to put myself in the mind of the viewers including pictures of things I would find interesting to see of a place maybe I’ve never been before. This week for Instagram Travel Thursday I’m sharing some of my favorite Singapore snaps with you. Maybe they will entice you to one day visit this great place in Asia.

Finally, what is Instagram Travel Thursday you ask? Started by Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle, this is a great way for passionate travelers to share Instagram travel photos and posts while connecting with like-minded travelers. I personally am finding it to be very inspirational as travel and Instagram are two of my favorite things. Be sure to check out the latest Instagram travel photos and posts and also learn how you can join in on the fun at Instagram Travel Thursday.

instagram-travel-thursday-linky-bannerSpeaking of all this travel Instagram Travel to Ireland this week with KatjaPresnal of Skimbaco and ToDestinationUnknown. They will be sharing photos from the great city of Dublin, Ireland. Sigh. I wish I was there too.

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