Travel time: California and my flight essentials


Ozdane and I are on our way to California for a visit with my family and friends. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family. We are all celebrating my cousin’s marriage together this weekend which will be a lot of fun. This trip we are also visiting my dear friend Rockstarmomlv in Las Vegas! I haven’t seen her for 3 years and am excited for her to meet Ozdane. A long weekend in Vegas is obviously a great time too. Then of course there is the food I am very excited about, as always. This includes my Mom and Grandma’s fabulous cooking, authentic Mexican food in the Bay Area and In ‘n’ Out burger to name a few. We will be in the States for almost 3 weeks. Watch this space for blog posts from my homeland.

When I say we are on our way to the US, we well and truly are. I literally am writing this post while on the plane. Our first stop is Seoul for a quick one hour layover then on to San Francisco. The first leg is about 6 hours and second leg is about 11 hours. We’ve done this trip a handful of times now so I have my little in-flight routine in place. When you are accustomed to long haul travel you start to figure out the best way to pass the time for yourself and what you absolutely must have with you. I thought I’d share mine with you and would love to hear your travel rituals too.

flight stuff

My top 10 essentials for a long flight:

1. Gossip magazines – gasp, shock, horror! Yes I’m guilty of purchasing US Weekly, OK, People or anything of the sort before boarding the flight for some mindless entertainment reading about the latest and greatest happenings in the celebrity world. Go ahead and judge me, it won’t stop me. A few of these juicy mags add up to at least an hour of passing time on a flight.

2. Mindfood magazine – this is my favorite magazine. I discovered it while living in Sydney. It’s the perfect combination of stimulating content covering things like environment, culture, food, women’s topics, health, beauty, etc. I like it because it isn’t all fashion or beauty. I find it to be well-balanced. Also, reading this after my gossip mags reminds me I have a brain again.

3. Book – whatever I’m reading at the time or I choose from one of the many I’ve downloaded on my iPad but have yet to read. Sometimes it’s a mind-stimulating read and other times it’s just a good story to lose myself in. Mood dictates all.

4. Movies on iPad – Singapore Airlines usually has a good selection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. but it doesn’t hurt to bring some of your own. For this trip I’ve downloaded Blue Valentine, Jane Eyre and the TV series, The Big C – Season 1.

5. Music – much better to listen to your own tunes than the person snoring to your right or the adorable but screaming baby two seats forward. Good headphones are a must too. Noise-canceling is a preferred choice.

6. Cosmetic bag – mine is packed to the brim with moisturizing lotions and potions, face wash, toothbrush/paste and more. Some of my favorites: Vitamin C face spray from The Body Shop, L’occitaine hand lotion and eye cream. This trip I’m trying a collagen face mask at the end of the flight. I’m sure Ozdane will get a good laugh out of that one. You get so dried out on these flights. Sometimes I feel like I’ve aged 10 years when I get off the plane. Of course the delightful lighting in airplane toilets doesn’t do us any favors either.

7. Vitamins and pills – all legal of course! Anyone who knows me knows I am a big vitamin gal. They travel with me wherever I go along with pain killers and something to help me sleep. I like to know I have everything with me just in case I need it. I’m a big “just in case” person. Sometimes I’m surprised I haven’t been stopped through security for the big bag of vitamins stuffed in my handbag.

8. Cozy socks – SQ does provide you with slippers but I like to double it up with my own cozy socks then their slippers over them. I don’t know about anyone else but my feetsies are always cold on flights.

9. Good earplugs – OK, these are probably the most important thing for me on any flight where I need to sleep. Out of all the things I bring it would be the biggest disaster forgetting my awesome earplugs over anything else. I think I may be the world’s lightest sleeper so you can imagine my struggle on a plane. I use Dr. Mac’s earplugs and think they are by far the best. These paired with an eye mask means sleep for this ChamorroChica on the plane.

10. iPad – well of course, right? It is so much more convenient than lugging out your laptop on the plane. I love everything you can do on it. Read, write, watch movies, listen to music, play games, the list goes on.

So there are my top 10 long flight essentials. What are your top 10? I’d love to hear about them.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts from the beautiful, golden state of California.

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