Travel time: Hong Kong

Ozdane and I are off to Hong Kong tonight for 5 days! I’m really looking forward to this trip because I’ve never been before. I absolutely love going to new places. I find it so exciting and interesting. From what I’ve heard HK is quite different from Singapore as it is a very busy city with lots of people and has that crazy feeling to it. Ozdane and I will have the weekend together then I will be playing tourist on my own for a few days. While that may not sound like so much fun to some, I love it. I enjoy taking it all in, exploring around, observing the people, new surroundings, different food, all of it.

My goal is to write a blog post each day even if it’s just sharing a photo of something. That’s my promise to you, my readers, so hold me to it.

Stay tuned for more on Chamorro Chica’s adventures in Honkers!

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    • Silly me! I should have thought of that! :-) Will probably have a few for you in the next couple of days. Thanks lovely!

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