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Anyone who knows me well knows I am a bit of a spa junkie! Well, maybe more than a bit. Facials, light therapy treatments, waxing, massage, mani/pedis…you name it, I love it. I have no shame. I am a PROUD spa junkie!

Staying true to form here in Singapore, I just returned from a new face treatment at Skin Inc Skin Supplement Bar at ION Orchard Shopping Center. This was my first time to Skin Inc. I purchased a deal on Groupon for a 45 minute Oxy Miracle Peel treatment and 3 Collagen Black masks for $48, regularly $203. Who could pass that up? Admittedly I have become a bit of a sucker for Groupon lately but they really do have some great deals around Singapore. Is anyone else a Groupon fan? In the case of spa or beauty treatments, I think it’s an ideal way to try a new place without emptying your wallet and decide if you like it. Great way to test the waters in my mind.

What is Skin Inc about?

  • In their words, “The world’s first skin supplement bar brings you caviar-inspired encapsulated serums from Japan.” Apparently Skin Inc is the world’s first skin supplement bar, which I didn’t know. Japan tends to be ahead of the curve not only with technology but with some beauty and cosmetic products as well. That was another draw for me.
  • Treatments: Oxy Miracle Peel, Oxy Miracle Infusion, Signature Revival Power Quick Fix Treatments, body treatments.
  • Latest and greatest product: “Encapsulated Serums” targeted at your individual skin needs ranging across anti-aging, hydration, pigmentation, eczema, dryness, sun damage and more.
  • Product line: Encapsulated Serums, Pre-Mix Serums, Collagen Black Masks, Onsen Series, Pure Series.

I enjoyed a 45 minute Oxy Miracle Peel followed by the Replenish serum topped off with a Collagen Black Mask. The Oxy Miracle Peel was different from anything I have felt on my face before. It just feels like someone is blowing air on your face through a small jet instrument so you aren’t sure if it is actually doing something. What it actually does do is gently exfoliate your skin with oxygen infused saline, clear pores and remove surface pigment. I like the “gentle” part as I am skeptical about harsh peels or things like that. I always think of that horrific Sex and the City episode where Samantha gets some type of peel and ends up with a raw face!

Only 3 drops of the Replenish serum were applied and massaged into my face and then the Collagen Black Mask was applied. I kept this on for about 20 minutes. The mask felt a bit like cool jelly on your face but if it does the trick then I’m not complaining. I even managed to take a quick snooze during that time.

They didn’t put a hard sell on me to buy products afterwards which sometimes does happen when you use these Groupon vouchers at a first-time spa. That doesn’t mean I didn’t buy anything though! That just means I didn’t need any extra prodding to do so. Sucker I am! I purchased 3 encapsulated serums selected for my skin: Replenish, Revitalize and Reborn which she mixed together and I use morning and night. If I see results, then they may have hooked me!

So what’s my overall impression: Great! The woman who did my treatment was experienced and talked me through everything she was doing. I have had treatments where they don’t do that and I think it’s important. My skin feels hydrated, looks brighter and my complexion feels clearer. All without the pain of extractions and in less time than a full facial. Only $48 too!

You can check out their Facebook page here.

Oh, did I mention I also have a facial at another spa on Friday afternoon?! Shock, Horror!! The spa junkie strikes again!

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    • Hi Gabby! Thanks for leaving a comment. Nice to hear you like Skin Inc also. I go to the ION Orchard branch and have actually found the same therapists to have been there for awhile now. They just opened their much larger store there too. It’s great! Thanks for letting me know about your post too.

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